Month: March 2022

Monitor Fleet Tire Heath

Fully exploit the service life of the tire and resolve tire-related issues before the tire is damaged. We help fleets in accurately detecting data related to critical tyre parameters like tread depth and tire wear.
We allow fleet managers to monitor the status and maintenance schedules of all their vehicles tires.

Digitize fleet management

Blog Digitize your Fleet with ProjAIX The increased use of data-rich software solutions to help drive forward the digitization of fleet management processes is more than just a contemporary trend. The digital transformation of this sector is in full swing, with new software solutions that can digitize and automate a variety of business processes appearing …

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Fleet Tire Management

Blog Tire management with ProjAIX Tire management remains fundamental to controlling fleet operational costs Fleet management companies have many expenses. Some seemingly insignificant maintenance issues can start a costly domino effect if not addressed properly on time. But timely detection of an upstream problem can prevent more expensive downstream issues. Tire condition is one such …

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