Damage Detection

ProjAIX’s Damage Detection technology uses a set of convolutional neural networks trained on images containing different types of damage on cars of different brands and models. Our “Fission Engine” is capable of identifying which car components are damaged and different types of damage such as scratches, dents, broken glass, damaged body panels, paint peel, rust and more.

Get scalable and on-demand service without any requirement of the internal infrastructure or maintenance cost

Get a solution that’s flexible enough to fit your specific needs, such as the possibility to recognize other types of vehicles like motorbikes, RVs, etc.

Optimize processes in a business workflow making them more efficient

Get results in multiple formats that can be easily integrated with other solutions such as claims investigation solutions, insurance premium solutions, rental services


We help insurance companies to recognize and analyze the extent and location of damage to a vehicle to determine the correct insurance claims amount. We allow you to reduce the time it takes for customers to receive their payouts and avoid claims leakage, saving insurers money.

Car Repair

Our solution helps repair shops and car resellers or other intermediaries in facilitating informed decision-making, accurate pricing and more efficient staff planning. As a flexible solution that is not vehicle brand specific, it is attractive for different car manufacturers and other large automotive companies.

Vehicle Renting

Our damage detection model can add value to car rental agencies who can track damage before and after a lease by sending images of the vehicle through the model to compare output before and after the rental. It increases the overall damage assessment accuracy as it relies on constant evaluation by our algorithm, which eliminates human bias.

Tire Life Prediction

Tires are important parts of automobiles, and their wear causes a large number of traffic accidents. Our tread analysis and anomaly detection can help predict life of a tire for cars, trucks and buses. Also in conjunction with our Text Analysis model, by reading the tire’s serial number, plant code and more information, we enable businesses to find a tire’s manufacturer, quality and genuity.

Vehicle Buying/Selling

Using our Damage detection technology, vehicle buying and selling agencies can make the process easier and simpler for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can upload the pictures of their vehicles to get it assessed by our model which makes it easier for buyers to make the buying decision.