Object Detection and Tracking

ProjAIX uses deep learning models to develop software that can detect the smallest features and patterns that distinguish one object from another. To achieve this, neural networks are trained on huge data sets of images. With a focus on speed, simplicity and use case diversity, this is simply the most powerful & cost effective Imagery recognition platform.

The Power of Object Detection:

Create custom models using objects in images or videos specific to your use case
Identify thousands of objects in videos and images with our pre-trained datasets and classifiers
Identify the objects you are looking for quickly by tag within images and video with searchable object detection engine output via API and Veritone applications
Process pictures and video files in near real-time for use cases requiring fast turnaround of objects detected in data sets
Recognize objects in short-form or long-form in video recordings or images

Person Detection & Counting

Detects and counts people in an open area, entry exit points, inside a store, etc.

Vehicle Identity Detector

Extract comprehensive information from vehicles images and video e.g: car make, car model, car color, car orientation and more attributes.

Vehicle Damage Detection

Insurance companies can determine the damage on a vehicle using our damage detection models such as paintpeel, dent, bent, scratch, missing part etc.

Tire Analysis

Recognize the tire sidewall information. Check the tread level/type on a tire for:
  • Support Warranty compliance
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Replacement services

Logistics and Shipping

Count the number of containers, find alignment and track compliance on a container.

Object Tracking

Track and locate a car or a person in an image or a video.

Anomaly Detection

Detect subtle/abrupt changes in your images either in a stream of images or in a video to detect an anomaly and get notified about it.