Text Analysis

Identify and convert overlaid/embedded characters into machine-readable text. Our Text Recognition Solution recognizes text in unstructured, image-based data such as a logos, license plate, road sign, or a receipt, and expresses that recognized text in a structured format. Image and video OCR can be used to quickly locate key words displayed in thousands of images or hours of video.

With advanced features that drive maximum flexibility, and the ability to combine any number of ProjAIX technologies in our stack, your platform/service can expose the deepest and most meaningful brand and product intelligence.
Detect and recognise stylised fonts and rotated text, images at word and whole sentence level, paragraphs and highlights as a group. Also recognise common non-standard characters, such as currency or special symbols &$#!@
Get Multimedia Format support with ability to deal with any source media format

Text Detection can be applied as standard to all popular formats of images and videos at scale using our solution. Even lesser known/proprietary formats can also be supported

Process pictures and video files in near real-time for use cases requiring a fast turnaround of unstructured, image-based data to structured text

Process thousands of images by multiple users across different locations using our AI-driven platform and get Scalable Outputs

Get multiple security features with our Text Detection solutions including user authentication and other access controls

Label Detection

Text Detection and Recognition is used in industries for reading package labels, numbers etc. It is also used in automatic cheque signature reading.

Logistics and Shipment

From shipping containers where ID numbers are written across corrugated panels to parcels moving at high speed within a sorting facility, ProjAIX can identify, interpret and analyze the codes within the logistics industry, creating a global ground truth of visual data.

Video Captions

It is used to retrieve video captions as well as specific text contents from web pages.

License Plate Recognition

It is used for automatic license plate recognition at toll booths as well as for street boards reading purposes in case of unmanned vehicles.

Empower Visually Impaired

When text that is intended to be read is presented as an image, blind or visually impaired readers are at a disadvantage, but using our technologies companies can make it accessible.

SEO Optimization

Images of text may hinder the search engine optimization (SEO) of a page. Search engines (like Google) rely on actual text to index content — they don’t read images. But our tool can help you include your image content for search engines to pick up.

Content Moderation

Flag and filter keywords, profanity, hate speech, images or videos with NSFW images,and more in media and other user-generated text.

Custom Text Analysis

We’ll customize a solution for your business needs.