Drones and Aerial

Drones generate vast amounts of data, which is usually in the form of images or video streams. ProjAIX AI platform offers a solution that automates identification of objects of interest, counting them, or detecting change over time, that if done manually are monotonous and very labor intensive. We automate labor intensive tasks of sorting and filtering out vast amounts of data generated by drones.

Our Cloud-Based data processing and analyzing methodology enables companies to create high quality and trained datasets that accelerate the implementation of different models that suit customer requirements and use-case.

Automate object detection, counting, and territory segmentation
Perform detailed analysis on thousands of images per minute using our highly scalable AI models

Identify objects on the ground in less than one-tenth of a second with very high accuracy

Get alerts on detected activities on satellites or aircrafts capture videos for appropriate decision making
Share data and reports in one click
Track progress of all changes on your worksite with visual reports
Export generated reports

Parking Lot Monitoring and Detection

Parking lot occupancy detection, one of our drone based application areas, can be used for effective management of parking spaces, to reduce queues, minimize the time required to find an area, and to issue tickets in cases of parking violations. We use a quick and efficient monitoring solution for detecting real-time parking occupancy, car number plate detection, multiple lot coverage, automatic payment system, etc.

Freight Management

Our Object Detection Model makes the manual process easier, simpler, faster and more accurate as the human eye can still miss details which computer vision does not. In conjunction with our other models you can extract the information like number of containers, container number, container size/type, container position/orientation, etc., which can then be easily plugged into a BI system or an alerting system to alert any anomaly