ProjAIX Real-Time

Most AI solutions challenge two different problems
ProjAIX offers its customers the ability to focus on their unique capabilities. Using cloud computing, ProjAIX offers a robust state of-the-art recognition platform that can recognize any object in real-time.

ProjAIX‌ ‌Edge‌ ‌Computing‌

Our customers expect us to provide a decentralized solution to support them especially nowadays when high-speed video can already be streamed over 5G networks, we intend to enable them to enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid cloud. This is why we work closely with NVIDIA as part of the INCEPTION program. ProjAIX solution is designed to empower us to take our capabilities right up to the physical location of the data, with gear like the Jetson Xavier, to enable our customers to enjoy fast and reliable services while reducing latency.