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Competitive Advantages


The classification engine delivers the highest quality results. ProjAIX implements several object recognition and classification methods that result in high accuracy – which is unique to ProjAIX and not implemented by anyone else.


Unlike human based annotation that differs in consistency from frame to frame and from one project to another, ProjAIX offers consistency that helps clients draw grounded conclusions and speed up the ML process.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Capability

ProjAIX brings the ability to quickly analyze, identify, mark and tag in a price and speed that cannot be compared with. Combining the Classification Engine with the Auto-Tracking Tracking Engine using GPU, DB, and dedicated algorithms enables the identification and marking of tens of thousands of objects in a single hour – this is a game changer.

Auto Tracking Ability

ProjAIX implements the use and integration of multiple engines simultaneously to track an object in movies including the unique properties of a single object and comparisons between similar objects. This ability, like the Classification Engine, is uniquely applied and different from the rest of the industry.

Pre Manual Machine Learning Annotation

ProjAIX work process is unique and different from how the rest of the industry works. ProjAIX offers a process called Pre Manual Machine Learning Annotation.

Cloud-based Data Processing Platform

The system has been developed as a cloud-based data processing platform regardless of which infrastructure the customer use (AWS, Google, etc.). As an open and flexible system ProjAIX supports all labeling systems, outcome formats and file types regardless of data volume and film length.

Deliverables and Quality

Most of the work done by the software’s currently offered in the market is based on human work (over 70%) and the rest is done by machines that help to optimize the work (as can be seen by the business models that are based on hours of use and number of users). Everyone talks about having ML Tool Assistance but cannot commit to a product or quality. ProjAIX aims for deliverables and quality while the rest of the market charges according to hours and users.

Business Model

Pay for what you get. Unlike other systems offers, ProjAIX does not sell operating hours, workstations, users and the like, ProjAIX charges according to deliverables.

Pricing Model

Unbeatable price, ProjAIX offers prices like none other can offer, up to 10 times less than the prices that are offered today.