Brand Detection and Classification

ProjAIX Brand Detection solution is a specialized mode of our Object Detection engine that uses a database of thousands of global logos to identify commercial brands in images or videos. Our solution can help you to recognize and identify brands from multiple visual data sources.

Our Computer Vision service detects whether there are brand logos in a given image or video; if so, it returns the brand name, a confidence score, and the coordinates of a bounding box around the logo.

Our built-in logo database covers popular brands. If you find that the brand you’re looking for is not detected by our service, you can reach out to us to create and train your own logo detector.

Identify and analyze images containing your brand’s logo
Get data on how, when, and where audiences see your logo
Monitor social media, websites, and other online forums
Discover the ways your consumers interact with your products
Enable brand managers and product managers to research on a large-scale basis

​​Broadcast Streams

Receive the stats on video ads in a real-time mode & analyze its performance.

Social Media Monitoring

Analyze how, when, where, and how people interact with your brand. Also, track brand appearances in ads and content generated by influencers.

Sponsorship Monitoring

See and analyze how many times your ad appears during the live events. Accurately identify logos, evaluate brand prominence, and quantify.

Brand Valuation

Measure, understand, and optimize every visual experience consumers have with your brand to drive more sales, engagement, and connection with your audience.

Brand Infringement Prevention

Protect against unauthorized use of logo on third-party websites.