Our Vision

“To Be The World’s Leading Visual Intelligence Platform

That Accelerates Business Growth and Success.”

Our Mission

“Harness the power of visual data and artificial intelligence to maximize your business success.”

Our Team

ProjAIX team has vast experience and brings years of expertise and knowledge with developing products, launching services, building GTM strategy and executing business plans locally and abroad.

The story behind ProjAIX

We all spent many years working in the Mobility Industry. Over the time we saw the difficulties, challenges, resources and money required to implement BI and AI applications based on visual data. In Israel, we have hundreds of startup companies that use visual data to develop and deploy AI applications. So instead of that each of these companies will develop its own in-house imagery analysis platform or employ professional services which are highly expensive and demand intensive operational resources, we decided to establish ProjAIX and provide simple cloud-based AI powered imagery platform that will serve these companies and many more corporates who face the same challenges of processing and analyzing tremendous amount of visual data in the most cost-effective way.

Head Of Product & Growth Manager

Yaniv Alfi

Yaniv brings over 15 years’ experience in the high-tech sector. In the past two years Yaniv was Regional Director of Yandex Group. Before this role Yaniv was Co-Founder and GM of LyncPix, he has been instrumental in growing the company’s base of 25 beta clients to over 1,000 businesses; turning LyncPix from a local startup into an international player with overseas partners; This is not Yaniv’s first role leading and supervising planning and operations of a start-up. As co-founder and CEO of deception-based cyber security defense company, TrapX (previously named CyberSense), he planned and executed the company strategy from business plan though to a working success; recruited and trained top talent in both Israel and the USA; and raised MM$ in Series-A from respected VCs.


Tal Wayn

A highly skilled and motivated professional with 20+ years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry serving in various positions: In the past 2 years as a co-founder and VP R&D of AIvIA, Tal led a deep-tech initiative for several Israeli homeland security agencies and other organizations focused on innovative computerized vision-based solutions which detect behavior-based anomalies. Prior to his role in AIvIA, Tal provided Strategic Consulting to Maccabi Healthcare Services and Hapoalim Bank including designing and implementing the full management software systems life cycle for HPC of billions of transactions per second. For international companies like InfoGin, HyperRoll (Oracle) and Actimize (Nice), Tal dedicated his time as director of Professional Services and as the Enterprise Program Manager. Tal holds a B.A from the University of Haifa and holds an MBA from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is proficient and experienced in managing R&D groups and brings solid social and communication skills along with out of the box thinking.


Yuval Kamely

With over 20 years of experience in various financial roles, and over 15 years of financial management experience in public and large private companies, managing extensive budgets and implementing strategic business decisions, Yuval is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. Strong finance professional skilled in business planning, management financing, and auditing.
In the past 2 years as CFO of Lapidot pharmaceuticals Group he has been essential to the groups’ financial restructuring and implementing strategic business decisions. Prior to his role in Lapidot, he was the CFO of Shlomo car sale, the largest company in its field in Israel with revenues of over 1.5 Billion NIS, he established the company’s financial and monitoring departments, during his tenure the company’s revenues have doubled. Before Shlomo car sale he was the CFO of Neviot, a publicly traded company on the TASE (Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange).

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