Person Detection

ProjAIX’s Face and Person Detection technology can detect and identify faces and persons in images and videos.
We allow you to locate the presence of human faces/body in digital photos and videos regardless of head pose, lighting conditions, and skin color.
We can also determine whether a set of faces belong to the same person, which lets us track a person in an image or a video.

Seamlessly recognize faces based on a range of attributes with our Advanced Facial Recognition Solution
Just upload your image or video on our web app and get results in multiple formats
Secure of your data through our trained models and protect the privacy of all parties involved
Automate your identification process with our facial detection technology, thus saving time and increasing accuracy
No matter the environment, our trained algorithms produce results with high accuracy

HOVL – High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

ProjAIX’s face detection technology can be utilized in combination with vehicle parts detection to count the number of passengers in a car as seen through its window/windshield, to confirm if a car is following the HOV lane rules or not. It will also identify fake faces from genuine ones to make sure you get accurate and trusted results.

Occupancy Management

Count and monitor the traffic entering your building using our people detection technology. Ensure a clear and concise approach to building occupancy management, once numbers reach close to max allowed, alerts can be configured and wait requests can be requested via digital screens at entry.


By employing anonymous face detection into stores, retailers can count the number of visitors they have, identify shop hotspots and the amount of time customers spend in-store. This consumer data can be used to optimize store layout, staffing, product placement and identify areas for business growth.


Implementing Anonymous Face Detection technology into airport terminals can help to spot visitors not compliant with safety guidelines. Combining face detection with mask detection makes it a perfect solution for safety during COVID-19 and beyond.

Measure and Analyze Your Audience

Identify the age group, gender, emotions of your customers and attention time. Get to know who your converting customers are.