Digitized Vehicle Lifecycle Management for Car Rentals

The rental sector is faced with a difficult balancing act between speed, efficiency, and accountability. This leaves agencies with the risk of losing valuable customers who can be put off by long waits, the lack of transparency, and getting billed for pre-existing damages. This can be solved with a digitized vehicle lifecycle management solution.

ProjAIX gives rental agencies the tools they need to scan, detect, and track issues with their vehicles, keeping customers satisfied with the feeling that they are being treated fairly with objective reporting. Comparison tracking, documents the state of the vehicle between uses, reducing the friction of time-consuming and inaccurate inspections at pick up and drop-offs.

ProjAIX’s deep learning AI platform analyzes high-quality, multi-angle images to identify any issues and create objective documentation of the vehicle as it moves from point to point along the Automotive Lifecycle. With digitized vehicle lifecycle management, rental companies can organize their vehicle fleet efficiently and in a cost-optimized way.

To achieve this, ProjAIX combines telematics data that is recorded by the vehicle during daily use and in the event of an accident with data from historical and current damage appraisals, digital and structured damage descriptions and technical vehicle and service data. Our goal is to reduce the cost of rental operation while providing new opportunities to the rental customers. ProjAIX enables digital claims and lifecycle management.

Highlights of our Solution

  • Real-time, digital notification of accidents to optimize your in-take process.
  • Qualified incident report including an initial repair cost estimate within seconds.
  • Directed, easy and quick damage control and recording during vehicle out-take and in-take.
  • Correct allocation of vehicle damages to the driver and transparent, fair invoicing of the repair costs. 
  • Automate the damage detection process and identification of vehicles, hence enabling your customer to have contactless experience of renting a vehicle.
  • Understand when your fleet’s tires will need repair, replacement, or service and have the right parts available on time. 
  • Monitor the status and maintenance schedules of vehicles tires
  • Synchronize vehicle maintenance implementing predictive maintenance via AI enabling car rental companies to maximize utilization and ensure efficient operations.
  • Provision of an electronic vehicle record for optimum fleet management with usage and maintenance analyses and a digital value appraisal.

Yaniv Alfi

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