Tire Solution for Retailers and Distributors

Every tire dealer wants to better understand their customers’ needs. They want to know which tires customers need, how to improve sales through a better stocking strategy and how to maximize overall profitability through pricing and program alignment. Ultimately, they want to drive more traffic to their stores.

With the ProjAIX AI-Powered machine learning tire management solution TireSight you can follow a tires journey in real-time – providing a much better customer experience, and ultimately earning more business. ProjAIX is applying AI technology to enable tire distributors and technicians to better plan tire maintenance and identify more ways to improve uptime and safety.

Some of the solutions that TireSight can provide:

Improve your customer service & support

Understanding the factors impacting your products and customers is key to growth. Get a competitive edge with data architecture and data analysis tools that can impact everything from product quality and process efficiency to customer acquisition and outcomes. Our ProjAIX AI-powered TireSight turns data into actionable insights. With customized analytics and easily accessible reporting tools, such as dashboards and scorecards, you can see real-time results, spot opportunities for growth and make informed decisions. Whether a tire needs to be repaired, replaced, or serviced, ProjAIX monitors the tire in real-time. We deliver that valuable data to retailers to proactively provide products and services. Ultimately, this leads to delighted customers that become advocates for the experience your brand can provide, powered by ProjAIX.

Increase Tire sales with Data Analytics

By collecting and analyzing data about a dealer’s sales history, inventory levels and market demand, our Tire Solution TireSight can analyze the performance of each dealer’s store and recommend actionable improvement opportunities. This data can provide extremely useful information that can influence product marketing, positioning, and service by harnessing real-world complete data. Real-time relevant connections with your customers increases your consumer’s confidence, and ultimately leads to conversations more often, with more relevance, and provides opportunities to delight your customer and increase your retail shops sales.

Improve your Tire Warranty & Claim Process

TireSight gives you the ability to quickly and accurately process, analyze, and derive insight from vast amounts of data is critical for insurance organizations looking to succeed in today’s digital market. With the help of our AI technology, insurers can automate manual processes, better understand their customers, and make more informed decisions. We help tire dealers in simplifying the warranty claims and registration process. We are committed to transforming the way dealers do business through our improved digital AI solutions. Our goal is simple: to make the warranty claims process as seamless and easy as possible for our dealer partners.

Yaniv Alfi

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