ProjAIX AI Engine Increases Tires Safety

Safety Is our Top Priority

Tires are important parts of automobiles, and it’s wear causes a large number of traffic accidents. Therefore, predicting Tire LifeSpan has become one of the key factors determining vehicle safety.  According to data by the National Transportation Safety Board, in the USA, tire failure accounts for an average of 33,000 accidents annually, blowouts, specifically, account for some 2,000. Using AI technology to monitor tire safety conditions can allow consumers to be proactive about tire maintenance, which eventually saves hundreds of lives each year..

ProjAIX Solution

Looking towards the next generation of Tire technology, ProjAIX is working to predict tire lifespan and
increase the safety of drivers by leveraging our
“AI Fission Engine”. We enable manufacturers, fleet
managers and drivers to understand their tires conditions and improve safety. This helps to increase tire lifespan, vehicle uptimes, optimized efficiency, and reduce potential accidents.

ProjAIX’s TireSight allows companies to learn more about their customer’s road conditions
and direct them on proper usage. Thereby, reducing tire-related traffic accidents that can literally save a driver’s life.

We allow Tire manufacturers and
distributors to offer Tire self inspection service and notify drivers when they require to take an action such as: replace the tire, go to the repair shop for check, contact your fleet manager, tire is out of date and more.
These real-time notifications and alerts based on AI technology may help to mitigate potential hazards down the line. 
Our goal is to set a proactive approach
& implement preventive maintenance to resolve tire-related issues before the tire becomes unsafe. 

ProjAIX TireSight provides the following capabilities:

  • Gather Tire Information 
  • Check Tire Conditions
  • Predict Tire Lidespan
  • Improve Tires Operational & Maintenance Process
  • Support Manufactures  Warranty Compliance
  • Improve Pricing Model based On Data Insights

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ProjAIX Team

Yaniv Alfi

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