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Tire management remains fundamental to controlling fleet operational costs

Fleet management companies have many expenses. Some seemingly insignificant maintenance issues can start a costly domino effect if not addressed properly on time. But timely detection of an upstream problem can prevent more expensive downstream issues. Tire condition is one such problem that is easy to overlook but can prevent major expenses. State of the tires can indicate various issues with the fleet systems. And, if detected early, this can help fleet managers to increase safety and prevent major operational costs. So, tire management is one of the fundamental ways of controlling fleet operational costs.

Tire blowouts are a common occurrence that can have costly results for any transportation company. However, by implementing a comprehensive tire maintenance program supported by business intelligence, blowouts can be dramatically reduced. This results in improved service, greater productivity, safer transport and significantly lower costs.

How ProjAIX can help in controlling costs

ProjAIX tire maintenance program TireSight has significantly deterred blowouts. By understanding and measuring key events in the lifecycle of a tire, ProjAIX can help fleet managers extend the life of their tires. We help you to understand when your fleet’s tires will need repair, replacement, or service. 

TireSight provides visibility into the status and condition of a vehicle’s tires by making them smart and connected. We allow operators and drivers to increase vehicle uptime, optimize operational efficiency and improve safety. TireSight generates alerts that result in a majority of the tires being repaired or inspected, saving nearly thousands of dollars in tire and related vehicle costs. 

ProjAIX’s TireSight captures real-time tire data which is turned into actionable insights including predicted tread life, abnormal tire behavior, optimal tire maintenance intervals and settings, and real-time alerts.


With all these services from ProjAIX, fleet managers can monitor the status and maintenance schedules of all their vehicles and equipment. Efficient tracking techniques provide fleet managers with oversight into how effectively resources are being used. This information helps inform decisions on whether or not to purchase or divest your equipment. And ensures fleets get the most out of their investments.

Calculating your overall fleet operating costs can feel like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t need to be that way, our TireSight tire solution can help you reduce costs in fleet management, safety, and maintenance.

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ProjAIX Team

Yaniv Alfi

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