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As for today, data gathering tasks related to tire conditions and safety are heavily weighted toward labor. Managers can verify a tire maintenance or warranty relative costs by comparing these factors in their experiences and knowledge with tires, or by checking the current manuals of tires damages, which break down labor and tire replace unit costs separately 

Using ProjAIX TireSight you can utilize an AI-powered Imagery Platform to analyze data in real-time, and derive insightful decisions from visual data.

TireSight produces a detailed report, using the images taken of the tires, highlighting any areas of interest. Early detection of any potential irregularities results in a safer, more reliable fleet. It produces consistent, detailed, and actionable insights via detailed analysis reports. This results in improved uptime, decreased cost and improved safety for a range of fleets across the globe.

Solutions that TireSight provides:


Run your fleet with safer tires

TireSight allows companies to learn more about their customer’s road conditions and direct them on proper usage. Thereby, reducing tire-related traffic accidents that can literally save a driver’s life. 

Our main objective is preventive maintenance, to fully exploit the service life of the tire and resolve tire-related issues before the tire is damaged. We help fleets in accurately detecting data related to critical tyre parameters like tread depth and tire wear. Focus on predictive maintenance analytics helps consumers to avoid breakdowns.

Tire Longevity is Crucial for Fleet Operations

By understanding and measuring key events in the lifecycle of a tire, ProjAIX can help fleet managers extend the life of their tires. We help you to understand when your fleet’s tires will need repair, replacement, or service and have the right parts available on time. 

We allow fleet managers to monitor the status and maintenance schedules of all their vehicles tires. Efficient tracking techniques provide fleet managers with oversight into how effectively resources are being used. This information helps inform decisions on whether or not to purchase or divest your vehicle tires. We ensure fleets get the most out of their investments.

Real-time monitoring and alerts for your fleet’s tire

ProjAIX’s advanced TireSight captures real-time tire data which is turned into actionable insights including predicted tread life, abnormal tire behavior, optimal tire maintenance intervals and settings, and real-time alerts. ProjAIX’s TireSight solution, gives fleet operators new ways to monitor tire health in real-time.

With real-time alerts, TireSight allows you to :

  • Prevent Accidents with Alerts
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency through Tire Condition Details
  • Streamline Maintenance with Tire Maintenance Reports

Yaniv Alfi

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