Automated Port Tracking

ProjAIX’s Image Recognition model can analyze videos & images from the gate cameras at port terminals to easily capture the information and provide insights that helps to remove the dependency on error-prone manual inspection. In conjunction with our RFID technology, it can also be used to verify the arriving and departing equipment, comparing the information with what was received in advance from the shipper/carrier.
Motion detection to monitor entry of containers
Digital inspection
Deduplication of trucks at a gate
Optimal frame classification
Object Detection and Optical Character Recognition to fingerprint freight containers
Post processing to verify container details for fraud detection
System integration

Seamless Integration

We provide a unique solution that can leverage the existing hardware to provide an economical solution. It can be deployed on premise with docker, flexible to work on local private network and can be seamlessly integrated with the port operating system.

Inspection at Entry

Determine whether the freight container should be allowed to enter into the port e.g. a heavily damaged container might cause accidents leading to halted operations and economic liabilities to the port.

Optimized Routing

Determine the destination of the shipping container inside the court after feeding this information into the port operating system and hence directing the truck accordingly.