ProjAIX's Tire Solution for Tire Manufacturers

Most data gathered related to tire conditions and safety are heavily weighted toward labor. Managers can verify a tire maintenance or warranty relative costs by comparing these factors in their experiences and knowledge with tires, or by checking the current manuals of tires damages, which break down labor and tire replace unit costs separately.

Using ProjAIX TireSight you can utilize an AI-powered Imagery Platform to analyze data in real-time, and derive insightful decisions from visual data.

TireSight – Your Tire Claim & Warranty Solution

The Problem: Long/Manual/Unclear claim process leads to longer response times and hampers customer satisfaction.

In the claim procedure, the warranty goes from the manufacturer to the dealers and today, this process is mainly done manually and has many challenges. ProjAIX enables all involved parties (Manufacturer, dealer, and customer) to get fast and accurate insights of Tires information, conditions, detection, and classification. 

Our Solution: With TireSight, manufacturers can have the following advantages:

  • Simple workflow – Fast and easy data gathering of sidewall marking. 
  • Damage Inspection – Accurate tire damage analysis along with comparison between received images to the warranty policy
  • Customer Satisfaction – Reduce disputes between the customers and “Human based” manual decisions.
  • Improve SLA (Service Level Agreement) – Fast decision on a warranty claim cases
  • Scalability & Productivity – Increase the number of claims processed per month

ProjAIX Tire IDM (Inspection & Detection Module) – Recognize the marking info on the tire (DOT Info, Serial number and more) and relevant damages (Sidewall Cut Penetration, Tread Cut Burst, Bead Burst and more)


Digitize Site Assessment

The Problem: Manual Information collection to prepare a price proposal during the sales cycle.

The biggest challenge of Tire Companies is the manual collection of the information from existing fleets to understand their tire status and predict the tires lifespan.

Our Solution: TireSight allows Tire Manufacturers, distributors, and fleet managers to execute quick site assessments based on automated processes rather than manual one and provide accurate information to prepare commercial proposals.

ProjAIX can improve this process dramatically by implementing Ready To Use Modules:

  • ProjAIX VIRM (Vehicle Identity Recognition Module) allows companies to create their “Assets” information from imagery data. By taking several pictures of the vehicle ProjAIX AI engine will extract information such as car type, car make, car color, license plate and more. This information will be used at a later stage to correlate tires condition for each vehicle.  
  • ProjAIX Tire Inspection & Detection Module will recognize the marking info on the tire (Brand, DOT, Serial number, tire size, model, type and more) along with relevant damages and their severity.
  • ProjAIX Business Intelligence provides detailed reports and analytics. It allows tire companies and fleet managers to have a comprehensive view on all vehicles and their tier conditions.  

Build your BI by digitizing your customers experience

Drive your digital transformation by partnering with the leading platform, ProjAIX. Through this partnership, you will be equipped with advanced data analytics and an agile user interface platform for next generation business intelligence. We are known for easy to use functions which help users to process the data into a usable and useful form. 

Using TireSight, Tire Manufacturers can create their own database for further analysis and reporting.  ProjAIX BI is a powerful module that helps to improve operational and business processes.

Yaniv Alfi

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