Tire Recognition & Classification

We enable Tire companies to have new business capabilities by processing and analyzing data. ProjAIX’s “Fission Engine” uses AI, ML and CV technology to extract information from raw data and empower businesses to get fast and accurate insight on their data for business intelligence and business decisions.
Recognize the tire sidewall information
Recognize markings, logos, codes
Check the condition and life of the tire
Check the tread level/type on a tire for
  • Support Warranty compliance
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Replacement services

Tire Life Prediction

Tires are important parts of automobiles, and their wear causes a large number of traffic accidents. Therefore, predicting tire life has become one of the key factors determining vehicle safety. Our tread analysis and anomaly detection can help predict life of a tire.

Duplicacy check

We recognize tire codes, markings, logos which can help manufacturers or its customers differentiate between a genuine from a duplicate.

Tire condition monitoring

The tire codes carry information about the tire brand, manufacturing plant and its age. By reading these automatically on a vehicle in motion or at standstill, we help businesses to predict a tire’s condition and alert their customers on time.