Yard Management

ProjAIX provides the software solution that automates the manual process of planning and tracking your daily yard operations. Our solution can facilitate scheduling, help monitor equipment and goods, and provide you with real-time information for more effective decision-making. We can also help maintain an accurate and complete log of gate activities as a part of tracking and security systems.
Read LP on entry and exit
Damage inspection using additional overview cameras or short video clips
Provide inventory count on the yard
Split the yard into different lots and provide inventory count to each
Reports on longevity of stay for each vehicle in the different lots, inventory count per lot, LP, company name, lot , date and time from/to
Alerts on Vehicle LP exit with no entry, parking car longevity of stay, vehicle with LP which already exists, low confidence LPR, lot Is full

Gate Management

The gate system can be manned or unmanned. Our solution streamlines gate procedures and increases the velocity of gate check-in and check-out of yard tractor trailers, yard trucks, shuttle trucks, tractors, and drivers up to 100%.

Yard Truck and Shuttle Management

We facilitate two-way communication between the traffic managers and the drivers to assign, prioritize, and confirm tractor trailer move tasks.

Dock Management

We can provide a graphical view of dock doors, showing yard asset details and the ability to initiate moves to and from the door.

Reports and Analytics

Our yard management system provides various standard reports and dashboards including recent arrivals, departures, and yard capacity. Reports can be exported by yard managers to Excel or scheduled to be run at predetermined times.

Carrier Collaboration

We enable carriers to see their assets from their point of manufacture to their final destination. Carriers can perform live inventory checks, view current load status, and obtain historical records of asset activities.