Claims Fraud Management

ProjAIX AI Cloud is a purpose-built platform for insurance claims which can quickly identify relevant data patterns to help with detection of fraud. Our solution leverages advanced machine learning techniques and harnesses non-traditional data to detect incremental fraud patterns as well as minimize false positives that allows us to differentiate between genuine and fake photos.
Enables insurance firms to identify suspicious activity, uncover latent collusive relationships and detect new emerging patterns of fraudulent behavior before it’s too late
Seamlessly integrable to any claims processing/ workflow system and is customizable to specific needs of the line of business
Identify recurring patterns to capture out-of-the-ordinary behaviors within the systems or amongst individual customers

Customer Behavior

Our AI can also be used to continuously monitor employee and customer behavior to look for patterns indicating fraud and raising red flags that can be highlighted for further investigation.

​​Big fraud schemes

Crash for cash is a well known but often hard to detect type of insurance claim fraud. To detect insurance fraud, a vast amount of time, effort, and money needs to be invested. With the deployment of our AI, internal and external databases contain data points that can be thoroughly cross-referenced and analyzed.