Determining the Insurance Premium

Our analysis models like Vehicle Damage Detection, Tire Sidewall Detection can be used to evaluate the condition of a vehicle for insurers at the time of underwriting. Our Vehicle Detection Model can identify vehicle type, manufacturer, model, year and color to accurately estimate the correct tiers of vehicle for premiums.
Creates a report of the condition of the vehicle at the time of underwriting that can then be compared with the condition at the time of insurance renewal
Saves the hassle of manual inspection and helps keep track of changes over a period of time, helping insurance companies determine the appropriate premiums

Predictive Cost Analytics for Claims

Leverage our machine learning techniques and data science to estimate the average claims cost per different customer segments and adjust premiums respectively and manage your cash flow better.

Driver Performance Monitoring

By analyzing behavioral data from the connected car systems (in-car and external cameras, telematics, and ADAS systems), you can learn more about individual drivers’ behaviors and delight them with personalized rates and product lines.

Real-time Accident Support

Insurer carriers can deliver superior service levels to drivers by receiving automatic access to the crash data and providing a rapid semi-automated response.