Increase accuracy and drastically reduce claims processing times through our sophisticated machine learning algorithms. We bring consistency, objectivity, and indisputability into the insurance claims processes resulting in enhanced customer experience, better sales performance & effectiveness and transformed legacy business processes.

Lower Cost per Claim

Faster Claims Process

Appraisal Accuracy Improvement

Fraudulent Claims Reduction

Minimize Insurance Disputes

Reduce Settlement Time
Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Instant Cost Estimate for Damages

Our models can help insurance companies to recognize the type of damage done to the assets. In conjunction with AI Engine or BI System, it can help with producing an instant detailed report of the damage and an estimate of the cost for fixing the damage.

Determining the Insurance Premium

We evaluate and help in creating a report of the condition of assets for insurers at the time of underwriting. We can also do the comparative analysis of the reports to keep track of changes over time helping insurance companies determine the appropriate premiums.

Claims Fraud Management

We enable you to identify suspicious activity, uncover latent collusive relationships and detect new emerging patterns of fraudulent behavior, resulting in the reduction of instances of fraudulent claims by providing you with the complete information of the filed claim.

Digital Claims

We assist in fully automating your Claim and Loan Origination Process. Customers only need to upload the images/videos of their assets in question and we can process the data to provide the necessary information to process a claim.