Parking Lot Monitoring and Detection

The videos or images captured by cameras in a parking lot or by drones can be run through our models to capture information that can then be used for a variety of applications.
Track traffic in/out of the parking lot
Count the number of cars within the parking lot
Monitor Parking spot occupancy
Automatically recognize license plates to provide access to a vehicle
Find a correlation between car License Plate and activity during the parking time

Automate Parking Management

Our parking strategy can optimize, understand and reduce your parking dependency. With data learnings we will help you make the best parking management decisions to reduce frustration, and workload for your Parking administrators.

Optimize Employee Parking

Parking is a stressful and expensive start to an employee’s day. Our solution will know which of your parking spaces will be available and allocate them to those who need them most before arriving at the office.


By reading and recording all license plates of a vehicle entering a building’s parking lot, you can secure entry to your buildings. This is especially important for buildings that have public access, like malls and cinemas.