ProjAIX uses visual tolling technology, an artificial intelligence system that can automatically detect vehicle license plates. Our AI will record vehicle registrations which can then be used to collect toll fees automatically avoiding long lines of traffic stretching from expressway and motorway booths and causing delays in journeys.
Count the number of vehicles
In conjunction with other systems, our solution can be used to allow Automatic Payment for tolls
Track a vehicle using surveillance videos from different tollways
Recognize a vehicle using our license plate recognition model to allow automatic access at the toll booths
Monitor traffic patterns to make better business decisions

Cashless & Unmanned Tolls

Enable unmanned tolls by using automated video tolling i.e. when a vehicle passes through a video toll, cameras set up in the gantry identify the number plate and charge the vehicle directly.

Anticipating Traffic Behavior

By anticipating traffic behavior, AI & ML technologies can also enable micro-tolling, i.e., tolling for general vehicle movement in city traffic. By leveraging data on traffic behavior, dynamic pricing strategies can be set up.

User-friendly Experience

improve quality of travel as they reduce time spent waiting in lines. It also makes traffic smooth-flowing. By truly making tolling citizen-centric, the process can be made more user-centric.