Vehicle Identity Recognition (VIR)

The ProjAIX VIR enables essential vehicle decision-making by extracting valuable vehicle intelligence, such as car make, by using it’s comprehensive detection, classification, and identification analysis technologies. This patentable technology incorporates video analytics, advanced image processing and computer vision capabilities. The other classifiers and the VIR makes comparisons between vehicle parameters, providing a more complete picture with great accuracy.
Identify detailed vehicle characteristics such as Vehicle Make, color, Country and/or state of jurisdiction, License plate number, etc.
Cross-check vehicle characteristics to confirm valid plate-to-vehicle match
Mine image data to extract vehicle intelligence
Generate real-time alerts to trigger actions by external devices

Access Control

Vehicle access control systems at parking facilities and gated communities, traffic control and tollways, taxi dispatch systems.


Vehicle monitoring solutions at mining and industrial sites.


Car, bus and truck tracking at tolls, parking lots, etc.


Vehicle identification applications for fleet management.