Vehicle Rental & Sales Services

Customers of the rental & sales services can get a report of the vehicle including any damage and history before they rent/buy it, and the sales team can keep track of the condition of the vehicle in their lot and also make decisions about rental charges at returns. This can make the more vehicle renting/buying/selling process streamless and all digital.
ProjAIX Rental and Sales Solution
Get an accurate state of the vehicle using our Damage Detection model
Automatically recognize a vehicle by reading its number plate
Get full vehicle attributes like: car type, car manufacture, car color
Recognize and classify the person leaving/entering the premises using our personnel detection model

Fleet Utilization

By using our AI-based technology, demand for services can be predicted and provide real-time and long term insights that can help rental companies become more proactive when planning and optimizing fleet utilization.

Predictive Maintenance

Synchronize vehicle maintenance implementing predictive maintenance via AI, which enables car rental companies to maximize utilization and ensure efficient operations.

Predicting Customer Preferences

Our real-time data analysis can match the right car to the right customer taking into account different parameters such as pick-up time, car type, and destination. We can help create this experience by predicting customer preferences and offering recommendations based on them.

Contactless Vehicle Rental and Sales

AI can help you to automate the damage detection process and identification of vehicles, hence enabling your customer to have contactless experience of renting or buying a vehicle.