Vehicle Damage Inspection

Our Al technology instantly and accurately determines damage severity, affected parts, repair or replace decisions, and total loss. Using our tool, carriers get a holistic, point-of-accident view of vehicle status which helps them in making instant decisions on how best to route a vehicle for processing. Moreover, our video damage estimate solution speeds up the car damage inspection process even more.
Our pre-trained models detect dents, damage, scratch, specification and more
We offer robust automated inspections to check for defects that affect your business and your customer experience
Mobile Inspect app with self-service rental customers, fleet drivers or dealers
Built-in Deep Detect AI for optimal performance
Reports portal for fleet manager review

Claims Management

Recognize and analyze the extent and location of damage to a vehicle to determine the correct insurance claims amount.

Calculating Insurance Premiums

Accurately calculate the premiums based on the current condition of the vehicle and also by comparing it with its condition at some point in the past.

Vehicle Rental Services

Customers can get a comprehensive report of the condition of a vehicle before renting it and vice versa, rental agencies can also confirm the condition before accepting the return.