Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

ProjAIX’s cloud based architecture provides you with the most effective and cost-efficient license plate recognition system that can be as flexible and scalable as you need it.
Automatic matching against a watch list with real-time alerting
Detects and recognizes license plates on moving or stationary vehicles
Vehicles can be tracked across multiple cameras or locations
Supports real life conditions such as sun glare, blurry images, fast vehicles, night-time, and many more
Provides location optimized support to recognize different font styles as we know not all plates are the same
Self learning model to help meet your specific needs, such as a certain camera angle or lightning condition
Recognition and detection is possible in both real-time and offline modes
Accuracy up to 98% in actual customer usage

Parking Management

Ensure that vehicles are abiding by your parking policy. Get alerts when there’s a violation.

Highway Monitoring

Monitor vehicles at different junctions of the highway, identify stolen vehicles and more.

Toll Management

Collect toll automatically based on plate number without the need for RFID.