Leverage our sophisticated AI & Machine Learning capabilities that enables automotive businesses to process tremendous amounts of imagery data, in the fastest and cost-effective way while keeping high accuracy, quality, and consistency.
Automate visual analysis tasks at scale
Get started without ML expertise
Reduce SLAs to boost customer experience
Higher Accuracy in object and face detection
Detect anomalies and plagiarism to ensure brand safety

Vehicle Detection and Classification

Detect vehicles in an image or a video, and also detect/analyze its make, type, model, model year, orientation,etc. We can also detect different parts of the vehicle in an image such as hood, windows, bumper etc.

Text Analysis

Detect license plates and read registration numbers to figure out the LP jurisdiction and ANPR.

Tire Detection and Analysis

ProjAIX’s patentable technology can detect tire sidewall markings and extract information like tread depth, brands, and can also compare images to detect fake from genuine.

Face Recognition

Using our face recognition detection, you can detect and count the number of people in a car and also identify genuine from fake.