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The increased use of data-rich software solutions to help drive forward the digitization of fleet management processes is more than just a contemporary trend. The digital transformation of this sector is in full swing, with new software solutions that can digitize and automate a variety of business processes appearing all the time.

In the past several years the automobile industry has gone through many changes and challenges. New business models like price per kilometer, advance leasing services, global warranty, real time communication with customers, mobile claim applications and more are pushing fleet owners, rental services, and automobile companies to digitize their processes to respond to market need, take better business and operational decisions and be competitive.

Our Solution

Data collection, data processing and data analyzing are crucial capabilities to build the foundations for data analytics and business intelligence. ProjAIX’s Digital Fleet Management Solution is the platform that seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks. 

ProjAIX’s mission is to enable businesses to implement simple and easy to use solutions to digitize and automate manual, human based operation processes. Our Fleet Management solution not only helps you manage data but also supports you in one of the most important tasks of a fleet manager – analyzing data. We enable you to analyze how your fleet is doing and where there are risks but also identify new opportunities. We assess the risks to drivers and vehicles, and help you to take direct proactive action in real-time which helps control costs and damages. 

Why ProjAIX

By using our fleet management solution, many of the day-to-day operational challenges are solved through digital and automated processes that  give you the opportunity to focus on the essentials. Our goal is to automate the processes as much as possible while  reducing manual tasks. 

With ProjAIX’s Solution, Fleet Managers can manage the following processes in a Vehicle’s Life Cycle management:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Detection and Classification
  • Vehicle Damage Inspection
  • Tire Detection and Classification
  • Tire Condition Assessment
  • Pre-contract Site Assessment
  • In-contact Site Assessment
  • Anomaly detection (in consistency, missmath parts, parts replacement and more)
  • Advance reporting for Business Intelligence and operation management

Final Thoughts

ProjAIX is a platform enabling businesses to derive insightful decisions from visual data, specifically in the domains of automotive. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective SaaS solution for data analytics based on real-world use cases.

Take your business to the next level of automation AND digitize your fleet management with ProjAIX

Yaniv Alfi

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